Hally Aarhus
Hally AarhusIndigo Moon

Intuitive Crystal Card Readings

Patrick Andries
Patrick AndriesAuthor

Author, Speaker, Books

Steampunk Buddha
Steampunk Buddha

The Steampunk Buddha is a creative mix of Steampunk and Gothic Jewelry 
with a touch of Whimsy. Located in her home in the beautiful Ozark 
Mountains, Becky Epp creates unique steampunk jewelry with a whimsical 
touch. No two pieces are ever quite alike. Steampunk Jewelry, Gothic 
Pendants, Cufflinks, Purse Hooks, Steampunk Robots and more! 




Dan Bird
Dan BirdAuthor

Author, Speaker, Books

Shytei Corellian
Shytei CorellianArcturian Spacegate Imprints

Metaphysical Fantasy/Epic Fiction and Autobiographical Novel

Dennis Cromwell
Dennis CromwellPast Life Reader
Cyndie Lepori
Cyndie LeporiDolphinhugs4u2

Cyndie Lepori, Channel, Reader, Healer, Speaker and Author

  • Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker Teen to Adult Fantasy Fiction
  • Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin Children Fantasy Fiction
  • Billy Y Bubbles el Delfin Spanish Fantasy Fiction
  • Bubbles the Dolphin Early Reader Fantasy Fiction

She currently is an Animal and Ocean activist, bestselling author and public speaker. She writes for Fate Magzine and Species Link Magazine.
Cyndie wrote her first book, Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker to teach Empowerment, Ecology and Safety in a delightfully positive and entertaining way. She currently has four versions of her original books for the children and young at heart, one of which is now translated into Spanish. These beautifully illustrated books have 5 stars on Amazon.

Cyndie contributed to Whales and Dolphins Forever, an Amazon Best Seller.

Her readings include working with your guides and angels to clear old records and patterns, balancing, healing Karmic records and patterns, cord healing and removal, restoring your power and lifeforce and removal of implants, or anything else that might stop you from reaching your highest potentials in this lifetime.

Her table includes hand made jewelery and art, that is energy charged with healing frequencies especially for you.

Dianna Kinsey
Dianna KinseyMid-Earth Enterprises LLC

Come visit Dianna’s table and choose from a large selection of colorful, “bringer of light” labradorite crystal stones which are known for enhancing psychic powers, raising consciousness, deflecting unwanted negative energies, improving mental clarity & intuition, relieving stress and much more.  Labradorite is a wonderful meditation tool and a magical example of Nature’s artwork.  Dianna also has beautiful Sterling silver gemstone jewelry at 70% off retail prices! 

Veil of Truth Omniversity
Veil of Truth Omniversity

Jewelry, Oils, Meditation supplies, Art, Orgonite

Rogue Scholar Books
Rogue Scholar Books

Used books about metaphysics, theosophy, world religions, spiritual practices, healing, etc.

Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc
Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc

New Age Metaphysical/Spiritual Books